Hanoi 0-0 Viettel: A cautious position (H1)

Directly the Super Cup match between Hanoi FC vs Viettel FC, took place at 5pm on January 9 at Hang Day Stadium.

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The starting lineup:

Hanoi FC (4-4-2): Van, Van Kien, Thanh Chung, Viet Anh, Moses, Hung Dung, Duc Huy, Quang Hai, Van Quyet, Geovane, Bruno

Viettel (4-4-2): Nguyen Manh, Luiz Silva, Duc Chien, Trong Dai, Trong Hoang, Duy Thuong, Huu Thang, Hoang Duc, Van Hao, Ngoc Son, Pedro Paulo

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The speed of the National Super Cup match is being pushed up when Viettel is ready to play fair with the team in the same city.

The first minutes were played with a rather slow stance, with a little bit better than Hanoi FC.

Referee Ngo Duy Lan blew the whistle for the Super Cup match between Hanoi and Viettel to start.

List of competition for two teams

If they beat Viettel, Hanoi will balance the record of 4 times winning the Super Cup in history that SLNA and Binh Duong have. In addition, Hanoi will also balance SLNA’s achievement of 3 consecutive Super Cup wins in the past.

Meanwhile, if you pass Hanoi FC, coach Truong Viet Hoang will go down in history. He will become the first to win the National Super Cup as both a player and head coach of a team.

Force information

– Hanoi FC: Duy Manh, Dinh Trong leave open the possibility of playing. Van Hau did not play after knee cartilage surgery.

– Viettel: Tien Dung is busy with his own business. Ngoc Hai is not recovering from thigh muscle injury



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