Haute-Loire: residents in nursing homes exchange letters with students to break isolation



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A young girl from Brioude, in Haute-Loire, had the idea of ​​launching correspondence exchanges between students and the elderly. Today, about fifty young people take up the quill to write. A regular correspondence was born with several Ehpad of Auvergne. #IlsOntLaSolution

Epistolary exchanges that have lasted since the beginning of the year. Residents in nursing homes in Brioude in Haute-Loire keep contact with the outside world in times of pandemic with students from the town thanks to conversations by interposed letters.

Real moments of comfort, always eagerly awaited by residents for four months. “It’s very interesting and we see that we are not forgotten, that we still think of us despite our age. Even if we are not unhappy, it is always pleasant“, says Yvette Dupin.

Over the course of the discussions, students and retirees realize what they have in common. Enough to forge even stronger bonds from letter to letter. “We’re all alone at home, so we’re in the same situation as them after all and that’s why it brings something to everyone. Everyone is a winner in this story”, affirms Perrine Rocher, student in psychology.

About fifty students participate in the movement and regular correspondence is held with several residents of specialized centers in Auvergne. Next step, organize a meeting to share all these memories of vivid voices.

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