Home exercise equipment can be dangerous to use

In the context of many social distancing orders introduced due to Covid-19, using home exercise equipment seems the perfect solution for going to the gym. However, theThese devices can be dangerous to users, even small children, who often treat them like giant toys.

For adults, the most common reason they have an accident at home is not checking the device before using it. Everyone assumes everything is ready and ready to go. But remember, the professionals at the gym always check all equipment before the exerciser arrives. Be careful when using the following 5 exercise equipment because they can cause injury to people and the options can be used instead.

Foam rollers aggravate varicose veins

Using foam rollers on your legs can increase blood flow, improve flexibility, and help muscles recover faster. However, if people have varicose veins, the increased blood flow is not a good thing. Pressure on them can increase pain and discomfort, causing the veins to swell more. This way people don’t get to the core of the problem, but only make it worse.

Instead, it is advisable to use the bike as often as possible as it helps increase blood flow in a very healthy way. Similar to walking, it promotes circulation and at the same time protects joints from injury. Leg muscles will also get stronger, which means overall leg health will improve.

Torn resistance bands can break ribs

Many cases of training with resistance rope by tying the rope to the door, and suddenly it broke. Users will lose momentum and fall, even breaking some bones. This is just one example of how resistance bands can cause serious damage if not checked that they are in good condition and securely fastened.

Instead, people can invest in bars or slides, which require the entire muscles of the body to participate. The sliders require all the muscles involved to do all the exercises, making the workout very intense and people don’t have to worry about them breaking or falling off. They are ideal for weightlifters because they help build muscle without lifting weights.

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Balance discs can cause ankle injuries

This simple device is used to improve balance and rehabilitation and prevent injury. However, based on how healthy the ankle is, they can cause injury. For example, if you’ve injured your ankle in the past, you’re more likely to fall off the board while training. Therefore, people are better to get professional trainer or help from physical therapist before using this device.

A similar and safer tool that can increase balance is the gym ball. Specifically, the bird dog exercise focuses on the hips, legs, lower back and waist similar to the balance exercise. All you need to do is lie face down on the ball and keep your center of gravity straight. Then you can raise the opposite leg and arm and try not to move.

Pull-up bar can be dangerous when landing

An old or poorly built house cannot hold the tow bar. Many people have fallen due to falling beams, resulting in minor to very serious injuries. One woman even became paralyzed after performing a complex exercise and the bar collapsed. In another case, the bar’s screws bent, and fell onto an exerciser’s face, causing self-injury.

A safer but equally effective exercise is to wrap a towel around the doorknob. The first thing to do is put a mat under the door to keep yourself in place, and make sure that the hinges of the door are strong enough. Then, begin the exercise by squatting down in a semi-sitting position while extending the shafth hand. Next, pull your body toward the doorframe and repeat the entire exercise.

Bends and pulls weights can deviate spinal discs

This is a common type of exercise, but when it’s done on a bench or any similar surface, it can cause serious injury. More specifically, spinal discs may deviate if during exercise,The sciatic nerve is impacted. Another downside is that this pose causes the shoulders to lean forward while performing the movement.

So, instead of kneeling on a bench, people can stand leaning forward and keep one hand on the bench. With your other hand, hold the right weight and begin pulling with your elbows toward your back. Slowly let go of your arm to avoid pressure injury.

Huong Giang (via: Bright Side)



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