How to save on your electricity bill this winter

With the arrival of cold and the recommendations to ventilate closed spaces more frequently, household electricity or gas bills can skyrocket this year if we don’t have good insulation or highly energy efficient solutions such as heat recovery units. But it is also very important how we generate the heat that airs our home. . . What if there was an alternative, non-polluting and inexpensive way to produce it? Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan is a novel aerothermal-based system that provides heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water in a single control. Through this renewable energy you can get to heat your home almost free of charge. Savings, efficiency and ecology are possible in homes thanks to this technological innovation from Ecodan.

What is aerothermy

The aerothermal energy is obtained from the air in the street which, through a heat pump, allows the complete air conditioning of the home. Precisely in the last decade there has been an improvement in heat pump technology, thanks to the innovation and development of the main air conditioning manufacturers. In this way, today we can have an aerothermal heat pump heating as reliable as other air conditioning technologies, but simpler, cheaper and with lower energy consumption.

Many aerothermal manufacturers simply take advantage of generic air conditioning machines, adding a plate exchanger and some control. However, Ecodan is specifically designed for hydraulic circuit heating. To this heat system is also added sanitary hot water and air conditioning, and all under the same control, which can also manage radiators and underfloor heating, without the need for any type of fuel.

Advantages of clean energy

One of the benefits of aerothermal energy is that it reduces energy consumption and, therefore, the electricity bill. Of the 100% of the energy consumed in the aerothermal home, 80% comes from outside air and the remaining 20% ​​from the electricity supply, so that only 20% of what is consumed would be paid. This represents a saving in consumption and the electricity and gas bill of more than 50%, which would allow the initial investment of the installation to be recovered in just four years, when compared to other traditional sources of heat based on combustion. If we also have other alternative sources of energy, such as photovoltaic panels at full performance in summer, we would get a hybrid home, almost self-sufficient at the energy level. And when in doubt, we can always do the math with the calculator on-line, that allows us to estimate how much we could save per year with this type of heating.

Another advantage of Ecodan, in addition to using a natural and innocuous source of energy such as outside air, is its contribution to protecting the environment, thanks to the use of R32 refrigerant gas. This gas has a low Potential for Atmospheric Warming.

Ecodan offers a safe installation, with a heat pump that guarantees heating and cooling as reliable as traditional systems, but simpler and with a lower ecological footprint and the need for periodic maintenance. In short, it is an ecological system that uses clean energy and is capable of reducing energy consumption and its annual expenditure. A system that, thanks to aerothermal energy, makes it unnecessary to wait for the future to contribute to the environment, but instead becomes the present of sustainable houses.

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