Not to take advantage of policy in the development of rooftop solar power

On January 12, attending a conference to summarize the work in 2020 and implementation of tasks in 2021 of the Vietnam Electricity (EVN), Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung assessed that in a difficult context, EVN was to well perform the task of coordination, ensuring sufficient electricity supply for socio-economic development and people’s life.

Up to now, the total power capacity of EVN and its member units is about 29,638 MW, accounting for about 43% of the installed capacity of the whole system (69,300 MW); commercial electricity reached 216.95 billion kWh, reaching 100.12% of the plan and up 3.42% compared to 2019.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, customer service has been enhanced, providing 12/12 electrical services and accounting for over 77% of transactions through the National Public Service Portal. In addition, support for price reduction and electricity bill reduction for electricity users is nearly 12,300 billion VND.

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung requested the electricity industry to invest in developing the power grid synchronously with the development of power sources

Besides the achievements as well as opportunities for development, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung emphasized that EVN is facing many difficulties and challenges that need to be overcome in the coming time.

Specifically, the relevant legal system, especially the mechanisms and policies for the development of the power sector, still have many shortcomings. The requirement of environmental protection is increasingly high, while the technology of some factories is outdated.

“The requirement to strongly develop renewable energies such as wind and solar power … will create a great challenge for the safe and efficient regulation of the power system. The investment capital for the development of the power industry is huge, However, the capital mobilization is facing many difficulties. General stated.

In particular, the distribution of power sources and loads are still out of phase between regions and regions, and need to focus on overcoming in the near future.

In the coming time, the Deputy Prime Minister asks EVN to firmly ensure electricity supply security; provide adequate, stable, high-quality electricity at reasonable prices for rapid and sustainable socio-economic development, ensuring national defense and security, improving people’s lives, contributing to ensuring ecological environment protection.

In addition, to speed up the building of a competitive, transparent and efficient electricity retail market in accordance with the socialist-oriented market economic institution. At the same time, to efficiently exploit and use domestic energy resources in combination with reasonable energy export and import; Thoroughly practice energy saving and efficient use.

The Government leaders also instructed EVN to advise and coordinate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to complete power planning VIII, in which clearly determining the scale and total capacity of power sources for each period, prioritizing the Clean electricity, renewable energy with the right structure to ensure safe operation of the system in each stage.

Special attention should be paid to transmission network development planning to meet the requirements of releasing power capacity, electricity transmission to ensure safety, quality and efficiency, Deputy Prime Minister requires investment in power source development and synchronized power grid according to the approved planning and plan.

For power planning VIII, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that the investment in developing the power grid is synchronous with the development of power sources; thoroughly overcome the phenomenon of overload at some lines and transformer stations, paying special attention to releasing the capacity of renewable energy sources.

Mention of growing massively rooftop solar power Over the past time, the Deputy Prime Minister asked EVN to coordinate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to develop criteria for rooftop solar power development, not to allow policy benefits.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung, the electricity industry needs to study and apply smart grid, modern technology to upgrade and modernize the grid system in order to efficiently exploit all power sources in the national power system. improve power supply reliability and improve power quality.

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