One pot pasta with vegetables

Today we are going with one of those recipes that is, in reality, a technique applicable to any vegetable – seasonal or frozen – that is good soaked in water and combines well with pasta. Peas, green beans, asparagus, artichokes, broccoli, chard and many more are the perfect guests to this Pastafarian party, in which we will only get a pot dirty and the flavor of the vegetables will be perfectly integrated into the dish. All we have to do is respect their cooking times, adding the ingredients at the right time so that when it comes out of the fire everything is at its perfect point.

What vegetables should we avoid to avoid weighing the balance of the plate? Those rich in starches and starch such as potatoes, beets or sweet potatoes -whose composition and texture are too similar to that of pasta, and will not look good- and those that after passing through water remain regular to bad, such as bell pepper or zucchini.

Do these rich vegetables – like mushrooms, which do not go well with water either – have no place in this preparation, ideal for those who hate washing dishes and messing around in the kitchen? They do, although the process will take a bit longer: when draining the pasta; Always cook one minute less than the manufacturer’s mark, so that it does not overcook it, we will put a little oil so it does not stick and, if we can, we will spread it on a tray to cool it a bit. In the same pot, we will put a drizzle of oil and brown the vegetables -they should be in small pieces so that this process is quick- before adding the pasta and the reserved cooking water again.

The magic of this technique is that it allows us to take advantage of the remains of any vegetable that we have orbiting the fridge and freezer: those green beans that were left over from the rice, the asparagus that did not fit in the scrambled eggs or the quarter bag of peas that threatens fossilized in the freezer they are perfect candidates to become the protagonists of a tasty dish.

If we use frozen vegetables we should not add a lot of quantity at once, because this would stop the boiling of the water for a while and would affect both the texture of the pasta and that of the other vegetables. It is also important not to wait half an hour before eating the pasta, since both this and the vegetables will continue to cook with the residual heat, and what is fresh out of the pot is al dente can become pasty if you love it. From the fire to the plate, and to eat. That you have no idea how much to cook each vegetable? In this guide we tell you everything.


You have to know how to boil, drain and season. Impossible, come on.


For 4 people

  • 20 green asparagus (can be frozen)
  • 300 g flat green beans (can be frozen)
  • 4 artichokes (or 200 g artichoke frozen in pieces)
  • 360 g dry pasta
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Virgin olive oil or butter
  • Cheese to taste (I used burrata and parmesan)


  1. If they are fresh, peel the artichokes and cut them in half lengthwise, and then each half into four pieces. If they are fresh, cut the asparagus in four, discarding the most fibrous part.
  2. If they are fresh, remove the tips of the green beans and cut them into three or four pieces.
  3. Bring salty water to a boil. When it boils, add the ingredients according to the cooking time required: in this case the artichokes for 14 minutes, the asparagus trunks and green beans for five minutes and the asparagus buds for only two. The pasta, according to the manufacturer’s instructions (the “al dente” version, if you only set a cooking time, subtract one minute).
  4. Remove a little of the cooking water and, after draining it, return the pasta to the pot and cook it for about 30 seconds with a little oil or butter and the reserved water. Add the cheese, adjust the salt and pepper and serve immediately.

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