People estimate electricity consumption, avoid rising bills in hot weather

On March 3, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) announced that it has officially deployed the tool to estimate electricity consumption in daily life for all customers. Electrical Power nationwide at the website:

According to EVN, this web-based tool will help people and customers easily calculate and manage the amount of power consumed by electrical equipment. Through the calculation tool on the website above, electricity users can proactively estimate their household’s monthly electricity consumption.

People enter information about their family’s equipment to estimate electricity consumption

From the estimated data provided by the tool, electricity consumers can basically know how much electricity (kWh) is consumed by electrical appliances in their household. Thereby, customers can adjust their electricity usage habits and behaviors for efficient and economical use of electricity, especially in times of extreme hot weather.

“The tool is built with a simple and user-friendly interface suitable for popular devices such as smart mobile phones, computers so that customers can easily understand, calculate and use” – representative EVN said.

Also according to EVN, the tool has listed basic and universal electric equipment in households and will continue to be updated with other common electric equipment. The tool also integrates the effects of weather and regional factors into the computation.

“However, estimation errors can occur during the use of the tool because it depends heavily on the accuracy of data in terms of quantity, type, capacity of electrical equipment and actual usage. economy “- stated EVN.

On this website, customers will provide information about the quantity and type of household electrical appliances in use, including: Basic equipment (such as electric cookers, refrigerators, lights …), appliances consuming a lot of electricity (such as air conditioning, washing machine, clothes dryer, oven …). Along with that, providing data on the frequency, level, and habits of using these devices.

Based on customer data provided, the tool will automatically estimate the amount of electricity consumed by each electrical equipment each month. This tool also shows the device that consumes the most electricity in each household in the month, helping customers adjust their electricity usage habits so that they are efficient and economical.

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