People who absolutely say ‘no’ to plums

Plum is one of the familiar summer fruits, belonging to a small deciduous tree native to the North of Vietnam. In plums contain many amino acids, organic acids, vitamins A, C, fiber, isatin, no fat and bad cholesterol, which is good for the digestive system, regulates bowel movements, and reduces constipation. However, experts warn that eating a lot of plums is not good for health, and can even cause serious harm to some people.

Many people should not eat plums because it is very easy to have adverse health effects. Illustration

People with hot body in

According to Oriental medicine, plums are hot, so eating a lot can cause hot flashes, mouth ulcers, boils, etc. This is even more serious for people who have geothermal, hot muscles. Just eating 2-3 fruits can easily lead to manifestations such as heat in the mouth, boils, pimples… Therefore, those with hot body should limit eating this fruit.

Patients with gastro-oesophageal disease and poor tooth enamel

It is easy to understand that plums often have a very sour taste, so they are highly acidic. If eaten a lot, it can affect the stomach and tooth enamel, especially those with weak enamel like children.

The amount of acid in plums can increase damage in the stomach, gastroesophageal reflux, make the disease more advanced and lead to dangerous complications such as: Barrett’s esophagus, even esophageal cancer. . In particular, the sour substance in plums can cause tooth sensitivity, decay and create conditions for bacteria to penetrate and damage teeth and gums, especially in children.

People who are hungry

According to experts, the time of an empty stomach is the time when you should not tolerate any sour fruits, including plums. Eating plums on an empty stomach not only causes a feeling of gnawing and discomfort, but the high acid content in this fruit also increases the amount of acid in the stomach, leading to inflammation, ulcers in the stomach wall, and related diseases. related to the stomach such as stomach pain, oesophagitis, stomach ulcers …

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Kidney disease patients

In plums contain a lot of oxalate – a substance that interferes with the absorption of calcium in the body, leading to precipitation in the kidneys, thereby causing kidney stones, stones in the bladder. Therefore, people with kidney disease should absolutely not eat a lot of plums to avoid the risk of stone formation. Even people with a family history of kidney disease or normal people should not eat much of this fruit.

People with diabetes

Besides being sour, plums also have a certain amount of sugar, especially in ripe plums. Therefore, people with diabetes should not eat a lot of ripe plums because the sugar in ripe plums can make the condition worse.


According to experts, pregnant women often have a hotter body temperature than normal, so eating plums can cause a rash and clear heat. Not only that, eating too much plum can harm the health of mother and fetus, even miscarriage.

People who are taking medication or having surgery

Although they are rich in nutrients, plums can interfere with the effects of certain medications when eaten in large quantities. In particular, due to the blood sugar-lowering effect of plums, people who have just undergone surgery should not eat plums. It is best to stop eating prunes 2 weeks before and after surgery.

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