Portrait: faced with the crisis, Matthieu Lebrun, manager of a nightclub, diversifies his activities

Matthieu Lebrun is the manager of the Milton nightclub in Baudre, in Manche. His establishment, closed due to the health crisis, welcomed an average of 800 customers on Saturdays. The bills are piling up, “for eight months we received zero euros, zero euros for the company, personally I have not had any income for almost eleven months. We have establishments that are very expensive to operate (…) the box, currently, costs me 14,000 euros every month“, explains the manager.

Matthieu Lebrun has diversified his activities, he is employed as an employee to sell cars. During a day I think 100% of the car, I just become an employee again, all my boss’s worries with my blocked activities, I don’t think about it whereas before it was a part of my day, even of my night“, he confides. The manager keeps the link with these customers by offering shows on the Internet. I will be the first to get vaccinated, I really want to get my life back“, testifies the person concerned.

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