Recruiting Vietnam: Malaysia incubates high, Mr. Park is more aggressive

Vietnam team and Mr. Park must be very happy when Malaysia continues to “buy time” to have more hope for tickets to the final qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia.

Malaysia is highly intrigued …

The 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia, including Vietnam, continue to face the risk of postponement when Malaysia has just sent a document to AFC to postpone the matches in Group G from March to June 2021.

More specifically, the Malaysian Football Federation (FAM) proposes the remaining matches of Group G, the 2022 World Cup qualifying in Asia, to take place from June 1 to 15, 2021, for this national team to have More preparation time.

Malaysia (yellow shirt) wants to buy time …

The reason that the opponents of the Vietnamese team had to “buy time” was because it was not until early March that the Malaysian National Championship could restart after a period of delay because of the COVID-19 epidemic in this country. not control the situation yet.

It is likely that this plan will be nodded by AFC by many teams in the same group, Thailand, UAE, and also agree with Malaysia’s proposal as confirmed by international media.

According to the previous plan, the remaining matches of the Asian regional qualifiers will take place at the times in March and June with a focused competition plan, but with the uncontrolled epidemic completely forced AFC to flexible according to the situation

… Mr. Park, Vietnam is great

The fact that the Vietnamese opponent wants to delay the 2022 World Cup qualifying match from March to June is not unreasonable, because everyone knows that the Malaysian or Thai national leagues are being halted because of the pandemic.

Therefore, the application for rescheduling and kicking in June 2021 to want time to prepare carefully, especially Malaysia – a newly naturalized team of more than half a dozen players with the goal of overthrowing the first place. Vietnamese recruitment.

Recruiting Vietnam: Malaysia incubates high, Mr. Park is more aggressive
Coach Park Hang Seo

However, no matter how high Malaysia is, recruiting Vietnam or Coach Park Hang Seo is still nothing to worry about, if not to say it will benefit a lot.

The reason, the opponent has time to prepare, Mr. Park also adds that many months to arrange work for Vietnam. It is even more advantageous, because the V-League if the right plan continues, so that the Korean strategist is open to calculating the personnel for the home team.

Recruiting Vietnam: Malaysia incubates high, Mr. Park is more aggressive
or recruiting Vietnam to celebrate when there is enough time for pillars like Dinh Trong to return

Even if the 2022 World Cup qualifier is delayed until June, the Korean captain and Vietnam will have enough time for Duy Manh and Dinh Trong to find their form again or Doan Van Hau returns after injury. love.

It is important to know that the absence of the aforementioned players is a problem that makes Mr. Park really headache, especially worried after the performance in the Vietnamese defense against U22 Vietnam at friendly matches at the end of the year. Last 2020.

With more opportunities to screen Vietnamese staff and enough time for the pillars of the defense to return to their peak form, the World Cup qualifying matches of 2022 to June seem to bring. give Mr. Park the advantage to be happy, but nothing to worry about!

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