Thanh Cong Group and Hyundai Motor presented medical equipment to Hanoi Heart Hospital

Hanoi Heart Hospital is the leading medical examination and treatment facility, specializing in cardiology not only for the people of the capital but also the whole country. During the Covid-19 epidemic, the hospital has increased personnel to support epidemic hotspots such as Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, etc.

Covid-19 is still having a heavy impact on society as well as putting great pressure on the health system in general. In that context, the medical equipment system of Hanoi Heart Hospital is also gradually overloaded and lacking, the hospital desperately needs the support of social resources.

Mr. Le Ngoc Duc, Vice Chairman of Thanh Cong Group, General Director of Hyundai Thanh Cong Vietnam Automobile Joint Venture presented the equipment symbol board to the hospital

Faced with that situation, Thanh Cong Group and Hyundai Motor decided to donate 2 echocardiogram machines and 1 set of breathing air mixers to the hospital, helping to increase resources for the medical team here.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hien, Director of the hospital, said that the medical team – doctors of Hanoi Heart Hospital always try their best to perform the task of medical examination and treatment, helping patients get back to life. healthy heart to dedicate to family and society. However, the hospital’s resources are limited, the help of Thanh Cong Group and Hyundai Motor arrived in a timely manner and was of great significance in saving patients.

Mr. Le Ngoc Duc – Vice Chairman of Thanh Cong Group, General Director of Hyundai Motor – said that besides becoming a leading enterprise in the field of automobile manufacturing and trading, Hyundai Motor is also aware of becoming a enterprises take the lead in implementing social responsibility.

“We have had activities such as building many disadvantaged schools across the country, giving opportunities to young people to go to school; coordinating and sponsoring the program of Love leaves – VTV1; supporting the provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Ninh Binh is worth 2 billion VND to fight the epidemic, … and many other activities,” – Mr. Duc informed and said the business was very proud to continue to be awarded medical equipment to Heart Ha Hospital. In order to be able to help more patients, it gives the opportunity to change the lives of many people.

It is known that the echocardiogram machine and the breathing air mixer are the most important medical devices in supporting the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, the hope of many patients’ lives. This activity demonstrates the sense of responsibility to the community of Thanh Cong Group and Hyundai Motor, the company’s commitment to sustainable development with the Vietnamese economy.

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