The Ministry of Health recommends stopping pedestrian streets, night markets, festivals …

Sunny bar in Vinh Phuc, where 5 cases of COVID-19 positive have been recorded after a Chinese delegation had a patient with COVID-19 on April 23 – Photo: TB

The Ministry of Health said that in recent days, many provinces to gather large numbers of people at beaches, amusement parks and tourism areas without strictly implementing 5K and COVID-19 prevention measures.

To prevent the spread of the epidemic, the Ministry of Health – standing in the standing of the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention – requested provinces not to organize mass gathering activities (festivals, pedestrian streets, night markets. ..); In the event that organizations must ensure COVID-19 prevention, especially wearing a mask when outdoors and in public places.

The Ministry of Health also suggested provinces and cities consider and direct a number of unnecessary services (bars, karaoke, discotheques, games) that risk spreading the epidemic.

The Ministry of Health also suggested localities to strengthen inspection and supervision of the implementation of wearing masks, keeping distance in public places, and strictly sanctioning violations.

Previously, Hanoi had a quick report on the investigation and traceability of the case of COVID-19 infection in Hanoi (related to Chinese experts at the Sunny bar in Vinh Phuc). There were 2 people in Hanoi who had contact with this group, including 1 driver for the group, had negative results.

The other person is a female, a Sunny bar staff member, living in Thinh Liet, Hoang Mai, Hanoi, currently confirmed positive results. There are 8 F1 of bar staff, of which 2 people from Hanoi, 5 in Vinh Phuc, and 1 person from Hoa Binh, all of which have been quarantined.



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