What happens to the body when drinking black tea every day?

Black tea is also known as red tea or black tea. These names come from the color of the tea when brewed, like red, the intensity depends on the degree of oxidation during fermentation. UDaily black tea tube brings a lot of health benefits. Many people even use it as an alternative to coffee due to its comparable caffeine content. But black tea can also come with some risks if taken in excess each day. Learn the benefits and some of the potential risks of drinking this tea to make sure you’re using the right amount.

Black tea can lower blood pressure

It is estimated that 26% of the world’s population has high blood pressure and this can lead to some serious problems. Although the effects of high blood pressure aren’t too worrisome, studies show that drinking black tea regularly can help reduce the condition.

Black tea can help lower cholesterol

One in three adults has high cholesterol. Men in general have a higher risk of this disease than women. Researchers have found that adding black tea to the daily diet can significantly lower cholesterol levels.

Black tea helps prevent tooth decay

All types of tea may offer some benefit to overall oral health. But in particular, black tea was found to contain compounds that kill bacteria that cause tooth decay.

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Black tea helps prevent diabetes

In the world there are about 422 million people have diabetes, of which type 2 diabetes accounts for about 90-95%. diagnosed cases. However, it has been found that drinking black tea can lower blood sugar and thereby reduce the risk of developing the disease.

Can black tea cause headaches?

Although good for health, drink Large amounts of black tea per day can be accompanied by unwanted side effects. Some of them are headaches, migraines and tension. These conditions appear to be caused by the high caffeine content found in black tea.

Black tea causes anxiety and trouble sleeping

While black tea can help boost energy, consuming too much caffeine from it can contribute to increased levels of anxiety and stress. Black tea can also disrupt the sleep cycle and affect your ability to fall asleep.

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